38mm 封口貼紙 / 婚慶【甜蜜祝福】 - 38mm x 500貼#派對#禮物#賀卡#結婚#請帖#裝飾#囍帖
38mm Celebration Stickers (Love is Sweet) - 38mm x 500pcs # Happy Wedding

禮物裝飾 / 賀卡包裝 / 請帖封口貼紙 - 婚慶系列【38mm - 甜蜜祝福】- 38mm x 500貼 (1卷)
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詳細介紹 Description

尺寸 / Size3.8厘米/cm

數量 / Qty500/ (8款圖案) / 500pcs/roll (8 Designs)

物料 / Material:貼紙 + 過光膠 / Paper Sticker + Glossy Lamination


注意事項 Care and Warning:

應在成人監管下使用。Please use under adult supervision.

請把包裝袋放置於遠離孩童處,避免發生窒息危險。 Keep bag away from children to avoid danger of suffocation.

須存放於陰涼乾爽處,遠離火源。Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep away from fire.

這裡顯示的僅供參考,會與真實產品及包裝有差異,請閱讀真實產品包裝中的所有信息為準。Here shown just for reference only, please read all information and instructions on real product packaging.

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