Bon Appetit - 葡萄牙橄欖油浸吞拿魚
Bon Appetit - Solid Tuna in Olive Oil
Portugal 160 g

3罐 - Bon Appetit - 葡萄牙橄欖油浸吞拿魚 Solid Tuna in Olive Oil (160g x3)
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詳細介紹 Description

原裝香港行貨 Hong Kong Official Imported.

此產品可能含有防腐劑等添加物。Product may contain additives and preservatives. 

圖片及資料僅供參考,會與真實產品及包裝有差異,請閱讀產品包裝的所有信息為準。Here Photos shown just for reference only, please read all information and instructions on real product packaging.

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